Tuesday, December 5


12:30 PM  Opening Session – Are You Charging What You’re Worth? Achieving Market Leading Rates
Greg Weykamp, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C, President, Edgewater Resources, LLC

Too many marinas, especially municipal and state facilities, charge well below regional market rates, limiting the funds available to operate and maintain their facilities and creating unfair competition as private facilities aren’t subsidized by tax dollars. Learn strategies for determining a marina’s true market value and how to justify rates without upsetting customers.


1:45 PM  Making it Work for You
Daniel Natchez, President, Daniel S. Natchez and Associates, Inc.

Learn about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements at marinas and how to incorporate them into facility maintenance and capital improvements to enhance revenue-producing activities. Afterall, we are all TAPS – Temporary Accessible Persons.


1:45 PM  Marina Liabilities – The Current State of Marine Claims and Litigation
Daniel Rutherford, Director of Claims and Risk Management, One80 Marine, a Division of One80 Intermediaries

Insurance underwriters are taking a hard look at the liabilities associated with marinas including personal injury claims for injury or death where the marina may be named as a defendant. This class will help marina and boatyard owners understand how to navigate issues such as premises liability, P&I coverage, rental vessel coverage, products liability, and business auto liability coverage and what excess coverage is available in the marketplace today.


3:00 PM   Smart Technology Reshaping the Future of Marina Management
Tone Britovsek, President, Marina Master, IRM Ltd.

Smart technology is becoming a must in today’s marina environment. This session will explore why and how smart technology can help marina management to make decisions easier, predict customer behavior, improve the cost-effectiveness and productivity of processes, and more.


3:00 PM   Electric Drystack Operations and Forensic Marina Engineering/Basis of Design
Ronald Schults, Principal & Chairman, Edgewater Resources, LLC
Erik Schults, EIT, Civil Engineer, Edgewater Resources, LLC

The first segment of this conference session will discuss the pros and cons of the four new technologies available for automated or semi-automated drystack operations. Three are actively in use, and one is a prototype. Capital cost, operating cost, and space and land needs will be discussed. 

The second half of this session will address the structural design criteria needed for a marina to withstand the different degrees of storms. We will focus on how much wind or storm surge a marina dock or piling system design is able to handle. Additionally, the discussion of the structural loading of boats on the docks versus boats off the docks at various windspeeds will be discussed. Cost increments will be considered, identifying the upgrades needed to go from a category five to a category one storm for the intended loads from the boats in the marina. 


4:15 PM  Understanding the Marina Permitting Acquisition Process
Dan Williams, PLA, ASLA, AHLP, Senior Landscape Architect, MSA Professional Services Inc.

When planning for a new or modified marina, owners and operators will need to interact with a variety of local and state regulatory agencies, yet many are caught off guard by the sheer magnitude of time, documentation, and coordination of permits and approvals needed to move a project forward. Learn the important keys that help marina projects stay on schedule and how to resolve any red flags before they become red flares.


4:15 PM  Things You Should Know About Marina Fuel Systems
Gary D. Loftis, PE, Principal Engineer, Maffett Loftis Engineering
Justin B. Newell, PE, Mechanical Engineer, Maffett Loftis Engineering

There are many components that make up a safe and code-compliant marina fuel system design. This session will cover the various parts that make up a fuel system and the rules and regulatory requirements of PEI/RP 1000-14 Recommended Practices for the Installation of Marina Fuel Systems, NFPA 30 and 30A. Attendees will leave this class with the knowledge needed to understand the installation requirements and regulations governing marina fuel systems.



Wednesday, December 6


9:30 AM  Marine Structures – Safety and Valuation
Moderator: Daniel Rutherford, Director of Claims and Risk Management, One80 Marine, a Division of One80 Intermediaries
Matthew Roper, AMIM, CPCU, Marine Practice Leader, One80 Intermediaries
Lori Sousa, President, Sea Land Insurance Corp.
Mason Sears, Sales and Marketing, SF Marina Systems
Josh Maxwell, Bellingham Marine

Marina dock valuation and safety go hand in hand and should be an essential part of a marina’s business plan. In this session, dock manufacturers and builders will share information on the costs for equipment, mobilization, site planning, and labor, and the impacts of supply chain issues and worker shortages. Armed with information on the true value of docks, attendees will next learn what the options are for insuring both fixed and floating marine structures.


9:30 AM  How Employers Can Mitigate the Risks Associated with Seasonal Employment
Courtney Leyes, Partner, Fisher Phillips LLP

It is critical for marinas to ensure seasonal employees are familiar with marina policies and procedures to prevent headaches that can extend well beyond the boating season. Learn the areas of highest risk from temporary employees such as wage and hour practices and harassment/discrimination policies, and how to develop best practices to keep everyone happy and ensure a smooth boating season.


11:00 AM  What I Wish I Had Known
Ben Dixon, General Manager, Prairie Creek Marina

What happens when someone with zero marina experience takes over as the general manager of a 900-slip marina? This session will take attendees into the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking challenges of an owner’s first year and provide his tips on what he wished he’d known.


11:00 AM  Protecting Your Investment – Wave Attenuation and Shoreline Strategies
Greg Weykamp, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C, President, Edgewater Resources, LLC
Jack Cox, Director of Engineering, Edgewater Resources, LLC
Alejandra Lira, Civil Engineer, Edgewater Resources, LLC

There are many ways to design an effective wave attenuation system and each way has advantages and disadvantages, but most important is that any design considers wave climate, bathymetry, and the marina/shoreline system. Through case studies, this session will demonstrate well-designed, cost-effective systems including the next generation of offshore segmented breakwaters, habitat islands, and living shorelines.


1:00 PM  Things You Should Know About Marina Electrical Systems
Gary D. Loftis, PE, Principal Engineer, Maffett Loftis Engineering

This class will cover the electrical installation requirements, beyond new NEC code requirements, that often get overlooked but are needed for a safe and economical electrical system. Attendees will learn practical information, such as which wiring method is best for different dock structures, when and where different types of electrical equipment should be used, and what is the most cost-effective GFPE device for different electrical designs.


1:00 PM  Hook More Customers: Maximize Your Marina’s Potential with Social Media
Melissa Carrick, Senior Social Media Manager, AR Marketing

With the power of social media advertising, you can hook more customers and reel in bigger profits. In this session, attendees will learn the process of setting social media goals, how to target an audience and create compelling content. Also hear about best practices for social media management, including how to measure success, respond to customer feedback, and adjust strategy to maximize ROI. Attendees will leave with ideas they can implement immediately and others that can improve their business success over the long term.


2:30 PM  Repair of Corroded Piles, Seawalls and Bulkheads
Mo Ehsani, Ph.D., PE, President, PileMedic & Professor Emeritus of Civil Eng., U of AZ

Marinas worldwide are suffering from deterioration of their aging piling, bulkheads, and seawalls.  Learn cost-saving repair techniques developed by a professor of engineering following three decades of R&D. Case studies from major clients such as the U.S. Navy, Ports of Galveston, and Melbourne, Australia will be presented.


2:30 PM  Smooth Sailing: How to Drive Boat Rental Revenue While Reducing Risk
Brent Wierson, Vice President of Sales and Service, Rentals, Stellar Software
Dan Nelson, Vice President of Product and Engineer, Marine, Stellar Software

In the world of boat rentals, ensuring smooth sailing and mitigating risks is paramount for both boat owners and rental operators. This session will delve into the strategies and best practices for effectively managing damage and minimizing risks within the boat rental industry. Attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the challenges and ensure a safer and more successful boat rental business. 



Thursday, December 7


9:30 Am  What Are Buyers Really Looking for When They Purchase a Marina?
Dan Grovatt, Senior Vice President & National Managing Director – Marina & Leisure Practice Group, Colliers

What steps can be taken by marina owners to prepare for a sale and what are buyers really looking for? This session explores the current market environment, the types of buyers that exist in that market, and what they are looking for in a marina purchase. Learn how to maximize a marina’s value in preparation for a successful sale.


9:30 AM  Going Mega!
Chris Clark, President, Harbormasters International
Peter Clark, PE, Chief Development Officer, Safe Harbor Marinas
David Isom, General Manager, Charleston City Marina

The Safe Harbor team will take you through the steps of what it took for the planning, designing, permitting, engineering and construction of its new mega yacht expansion at the iconic Charleston City Marina property.


11:00 AM  Maximizing Investment in the Maritime Industry Through Professional Marina Management
J. Jeremy Parks, Principal, Trident Marine Group
Marie Ryan, Principal, Trident Marine Group

What exactly is a professional management service and how do you know if hiring one is the right solution to keep your marina running? This presentation will define professional marina management and its role in the industry, and highlight the advantages and challenges of working with a marina management team when you’re ready to let go of the day-to-day operations.


11:00 AM  The Unfortunate Reality: Training for Active Shooters in the Workplace
Robert Smith, Safety Consultant, Fisher Phillips, LLP
Travis Vance, Regional Managing Partner, Fisher Phillips, LLP

As more and more mass shootings are reported in schools, stores, and even backyards, employers are reminded that active shooting events can occur almost anywhere. While such events are often unpredictable, employers can adopt proactive strategies and tactics to assist in these scenarios. This interactive session will provide attendees with a solid blueprint that can immediately be put into effect to safeguard your employees if the unthinkable occurs.