1. How do I reserve exhibit space or become a sponsor?
    Please contact Susie Jensen, Exhibit/Sponsorship Sales at (314) 241-4310 or susie@wjinc.net.


  1. What is the tradeshow facility’s address?Music City Center
    201 Fifth Avenue South
    Nashville, TN  37203

    Please click HERE for directions.


  1. Click here for the 2020 Schedule.


  1. I will be driving to Music City Centre. Where should I park?There are a several parking options surrounding the facility.  Please click HERE for details regarding location, rates, and handicap accessible parking.


  1. After I unload, where should I park my empty trailer?The closest option for trailer parking in the downtown Nashville area is at the Nissan Stadium.  The cost is $40 per trailer, per day.  Please contact Stewart Parking Solutions at 615-463-2307 and submit the required application.


  1. How do I receive an Exhibitor Services Kit?The online exhibitor service kit will be available approximately 90 days prior to The Docks Expo. Note: Each exhibitor will receive a user-specific password and username to access the online service kit.


  1. How do I make my hotel reservation?Hotel reservation links will be available soon.  Please continue to check docksexpo.com for updates.


  1. How do I register booth staff or edit my online company profile?Login details and instructions on how to access the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC) will be emailed to your primary booth contact shortly before registration opens.  Please feel free to contact The Docks Expo Exhibitor/ Registration Services at jhoeferlin@wjinc.net or (314) 446-4905.


  1. Where can I find an event logo to use, and how can I best market my booth?Please contact Susie Jensen at 314-561-4706 or susie@wjinc.net for details on advertising and sponsorship opportunities available for The Docks Expo 2020.  Packages can be customized to suit your company’s specific marketing goals!


  1. Where can I find the application form for the Marina of the Year awards?Details and application forms can be found on the Marina Dock Age website.  Applications will be due in early October 2020.


  1. Click HERE for additional information on Nashville. 


    For tradeshow information, please contact:
    Jenn DeLuca, Tradeshow Manager
    jenn@wjinc.net or 314-296-1716