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Tuesday, December 1


9:00 am (CST)   OPENING SESSION – Preserving Your Company’s Brand: Lessons from a Pandemic
Robert Smith, Executive Director, Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions
Travis Vance, Attorney, Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions

Within weeks of the first positive case of COVID-19 in the US, stay home orders and other restrictions placed many business leaders in unfamiliar territory. Looking back, what are the key takeaways for business leaders from the Pandemic that could be applied in the future? How have brands been impacted? What is the new normal? This presentation will explore topics such as employee relations, teleworking and leadership; public perception and business continuity; and planning and training.


9:45 am (CST)   The Next Generation of Automated Dry Stack Marinas
Greg Weykamp, President, Edgewater Resources, LLC
Ronald Schults, Chairman, Principal, Edgewater Resources, LLC
Mike Kenny, Staff Engineer & Project Manager, Edgewater Resources, LLC

This panel discussion will highlight the new F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale facility now under construction to explore automated rack technologies, design and architecture strategies to achieve strict permitting and local design reviews, and engineering strategies to bring it all together in a very restricted site.


10:30 am (CST)   PRODUCT DEMO – National Marina Sales
Preparing To Sell Your Marina
First Critical Steps


10:45 am (CST)   The Basics of Marina Design
Greg Weykamp, President, Edgewater Resources, LLC

This presentation will cover the technical basics of designing marinas including wave climate, water levels, yacht maneuvering, wave attenuation systems, fixed vs floating docks and more. Common issues will be simplified for both the engineer and non-engineer to better plan for marina projects.


11:30 am (CST)   I Just Bought A Marina – Now What?
Daniel Natchez, President, Daniel S. Natchez and Associates, Inc

Whether you’ve just purchased a marina or are looking to reposition your ongoing operation, this interactive session will focus on a series of questions and answers aimed at setting you up for success. What are the first five things you should do? How do you implement your vision in a meaningful and cost effective manner?  What makes the transition meaningful and desirable for staff and customers?  And how do you hone your vision and position your facility for both the short and longer term?


1:15 pm (CST)   Environmental Challenges and Practices To Keep The Waterways Clean
Heather Sheets, Program Coordinator, Ohio Clean Marinas
Sarah Orlando, Ohio Sea Grant Extension Educator, Ohio Clean Marinas
Jason Stangland, Professional Landscape Architect, LEED AP, Principal, Waterfront Practice Director, SmithGroup

Paul Dravillas, Program Administrator, Ohio Clean Marinas

There are many environmental challenges facing marina owners today and new required environmental practices. Learn the innovative ways the Ohio Clean Marina’s certification and education programs are working to help marinas and boaters implement environmental best practices – including those on green infrastructure, marine debris, stormwater management and coastal resiliency.


2:00 pm (CST)   Fore Points Marina Wave Attenuator Case Study
Kirby Marshall, Principal, Applied Technology and Management

At the Fore Points Marina site, the floating docks had been historically removed in the winter to prevent damage from winter storm waves.  The new owners had a vision for a radical redevelopment of the entire site which left no room for seasonal upland dock storage.  Thus, a solution was needed to combat the winter wave conditions and enable the marina docks to remain in the water year round.  This session will explore the challenges encountered, design approach and opportunities discovered for new wave attenuators at the marina.


3:00 pm (CST)   Economic Impact of Marina Electrical Design
Chris Dolan, Manager of Sales and Customer Relations, Marina Electrical Equipment

Economic factors affect the bottom line of a marina electrical design project. Learn how to balance an efficient and economically viable electrical project in today’s marina environment. The presentation will go through a new marina electrical project with a focus on the advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with various design methods and emerging technologies.


Wednesday, December 2


9:00 am (CST)   Navigating Business Interruption Coverage
Daniel Rutherford, Directory, Claims and Risk Management, Maritime Program Group

The onset of COVID 19 has increased Business Interruption claims submissions and coverage assessments across the entire insurance industry. But BI considerations for marinas, boatyards and related industries should be an important part of business insurance coverage even outside of the pandemic. This seminar will provide a better understanding of coverage options, how to handle claims and how best to prepare for any claim submission.


9:45 am (CST)   Marina of the Year Awards  & Young Leader Awards Ceremony
Marina Dock Age

Hear insights from this year’s MOY winner on best practices, innovations, and infrastructure that put this facility in the number one spot.


10:30 am (CST)  PRODUCT DEMO – National Marina Sales
Understanding EBITDA & CAP RATES


10:45 am (CST)   Addressing Everyday Safety Issues To Keep Customers and Employees Safe
Carl Wolf, CMM, CMI, Robson Forensic, Inc.

Learn how to address and remedy the many safety issues that impact both customers and employees including slips, trips, and falls; ladder safety considerations; facility security measures; swimming in the marina; marina safety equipment; and marina safety policies.


11:30 am (CST) The Added Value of a Boat Club
Barry Slade, Vice President Fleet & Franchise Development, Freedom Boat Club

From increased fuel, store, and restaurant sales, to the opportunity to get more people excited about boating, there are many ways a marina profits from having a boat club operating onsite. This session will explore how boat clubs bring value to marinas, how the clubs operate at a marina, and how even current tenants can benefit from a club.


1:15 pm (CST)   Marine Infrastructure Grant Funding – Strategies for Success
Robert Bennington, Grant Specialist, Moffatt & Nichol

Many local, state and federal agencies offer grants to marinas. Funds are available for infrastructure, for studies focused on resiliency against future extreme events, and for programs for research and education for marine ecosystems. This session will focus on the key steps in identifying, applying for, and meeting supplemental grant agency requirements to tap into this often unrecognized funding source.


2:15 pm (CST)   COVID-19 Operational Response – Leading Through Crisis with Less Than Perfect Information
Dan Cowens, CEO & Founder, Oasis Marinas 

The Army teaches that most battle plans don’t survive first contact with the enemy which is how our company approached handling the arrival or COVID-19. This session will address how teams and partners responded and continue to operate in a state of flux through virtual meetings, creative customer service, new use of technology, and a general move towards approaching everything with flexibility. 


3:00 pm (CST)   Marina Electrical Systems
Gary Loftis, Marina Electrical Expert, Maffett Loftis Engineering

This class will explain the 2020 Edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) related to the marina industry in simple terms and using real world examples, photos, and computer graphics. This class is designed for both novice and experienced electricians, dock masters, general managers, and marina owners interested in learning more about marina electrical code and safety requirements.  Q&A will be a large part of this educational and entertaining program, so bring the entire marina crew to gain a better understanding of marina electrical systems.